I have the core building blocks of Islamic culture, an application which helps me endure my learning. earlier learning the course of interacting in Arabic gave me shivers. It was like a far off & supposedly unrealistic dream. Now it feels and inspire that it is a aim I can plan and accomplish with little time and regular effort. Eijazah Institute It basically breaks the language down that made everything very simple to grasp and harmonized my learning stride. Learning the my own dialects and getting aid to choose which dialect I want to pursue after completing the basics instead of going ahead with full speed was the classic act in Eijazah Institute .

from Albania

People like me, who are born and bought up away from culture love to explore the language in free time. In order to touch base with the cultural language, eijizah is a good online option for the primary knowledge. Here instead of learning “the structure” they focus on knowing language flows and works.
I was finding it difficult with various online available options, but then here I found peace, support and enough motivation to keep moving in the desired direction. They have easy to go course structure that keeps it simple

from New York

Literally when I started to hunt for a good Arabic course, I kept on hopping. Eijzah was the first options where I saw some system where I found a flow and co-operative teachers who literally went out the way to teach me. As a new comer never felt uncomfortable, learned a lot and will recommend this for the others who are seeking the same cozy zone for the Arabic education. I am now good enough in the language in a short period of time. This one I can fairly ask people to join to learn professionally.

from Canada

I enjoyed Eijzah unusual approach to teach the language. There was very petty theory to memorize, few conjugating verbs which made it very interesting. The whole learning experience was like playing games. Teachers were simple and it actually worked. Course was relaxed and coaches were incredibly patient. The accommodating attitude towards the naïve student’s terms of altering the lessons as per our needs was lit. the way of delivering a difficult portion was a piece of cake for us, which we got to know from people learning from different institute. Positivity in the structure was splattered everywhere, I really loved it.

from Armenia

Hi everyone, places like where I live. Completely with strangers with very different culture gives you a very different feel. Being in touch with your own culture has been lately on the top of my head. Homesickness was being cured with learning more and more about my own culture. Here people are very supporting and classes are easy, like they can be moulded with my own hectic work profile. The pronunciation was also counted while teaching, now that detail gives me satisfaction. Eijazah has been my second home, a sense of my identity. I was introduced to so many people, so profound selection and curation is top notch.

from brazil

Islamic structure with so much ease and support was like a dream to me. I am data interpreter and learning a new language with a cultural touch was astounding. I thought working with so much focus amongst varied culture and tone. This online service is sorted in itself so I feel well guided and focused with result-oriented exercise. I feel I am investing my time at right place. One by one it raises your standard and complete your quench without much of theory. Now that is an advantage. Doing data all day theory will be the last thing I want to devote my time in. eizajah makes learning a cake walk.

from Ireland

Eizah online learning portal has opened a sheer possibility for my parents to be relaxed in terms of my cultural learning. They have been expecting a lot of detachment but this super easy online service has super sorted classes with external support from the teachers. Now we are having a very relaxed schedule of going to college and coming back and learning my own cultural learning Islamic beliefs and language. I have to just take down a few notes and no homework, amazing it is! Isn’t it? Just some story telling and you just know what needs to be learned love eizah