How to learn Quran fast by heart

How to learn Quran, fast by heart?          It can get quite intricate if someone’s language is entirely different from Arabic. And he or she wants to learn the Qur’an. The holy book deserves to be learned with passion and dedication.  If you are looking for a way, then you can search

Quran memorizing techniques for the beginners

Quran memorizing techniques for the beginners :         Qur’an is written in Arabic; In fact, it gets a bit difficult to understand and learn the words. The idea of the word by word Quran memorization may sound very complicated, but with the proper help and interesting techniques the process will get a

Tajweed lessons

                 Tajweed lessons      Tajweed classes many people want to take it and learn about the Quran, but due to a busy life and work schedules. As a result, they are unable to do so. In this article, we will give you an insight into everything that

Learn to read the Quran

Learn to read the Quran:          The Quran, from time immemorial, has been at the pinnacle of [religious texts] among similar sacred texts and has advocated equality, compassion, and righteousness. Learning the Quran means learning about this very compassion and virtue, which is the very basis of an intense learning experience. If

Learn Quran Online

 Learn Quran Online :          In this busy lifestyle, it is tough for everyone to go to the mosque daily and learn the Quran even if they want to do so. Sometimes the time is not convenient, and sometimes the place is not convenient. As a result, there has to be a

Learn Quran online for adults

Learn Quran online for adults :                  Quran online course is what we offer to you. Other courses, however, prefer to focus on the study of the Quran itself and help one to learn Quran online for adults. While it is true that these too provide classes for

Learn to Read Quranic Arabic

Learning Quranic Arabic course          Quranic Arabic means to read the Quran in Arabic. The Quran is one of the most famous books on Earth, as it is the holy book of Islam. Revered, worshipped and held sacred by Muslims the world over, regardless of their location, nationality or mentality, it has

Learn Quranic Recitation

Learn Quranic Recitation :                          Quranic Recitation is so impotent to deal with as a Muslim. The Holy Quran is an ancient and comprehensive religious scripture that is extant to date. Interpolations notwithstanding, the words of the prophet Muhammad, is an inseparable part of

Learning Quran with Tajweed

Learning Quran with Tajweed :               Quran Tajweed course is an important step to read well. Quran is a holy and divine book that has in it, all the aspects of life that one should know about.     The book not only helps us to know about various

Arabic Courses Online

Arabic online courses :          Arabic online courses are your first step. Standard Arabic is one of the preferred languages of millions of people in 26 nations over the Middle East and North Africa. Thus, the Arabic language has an extraordinary history and legacy in the fields of literature, religious philosophy, and