Hajar Tariq Sayed

Hajar Tariq Sayed my name is Hajar Tariq Sayed Abduallah, I’m 20 years old, I’m studying at the university of Alazhar Alshareef, I started memorizing Quran when i was 8 years old and finished my memorization when i was 16, I was scroll in qura’nic competitions and Alahamdulillah i won most of them,right now i’m

Sara khaled

Sara khaled I started memorization of Quran at six years old Finished the Quran at thirteen years old I have been learnt the Tajweed rules at the mosque with Quran memorization, At fourteen I started to educate children Quran and Tajweed rules I start to finish the Quran one more time memorization at 22

Mohamed Farid

Mohamed Farid This is Mohamed Farid. I am from Al-Azhar University, Bachelor's degree at faculty of languages and translation, Islamic Studies Department. I am a Quranic tutor. Alhamdullulah, I have memorized the whole Qur’an by heart when I was 14 years old. I have an Ijaza (High Esnaad) to the Prophet (peace be upon him)

Shimaa Magdy

Shimaa Magdy My name is shimaa ,Iam 23 years old. I start memorize Quran in 10 years old and I finished the first khatma in 15 year old , I will study kraat and start to memorize shatebiaa ,I finished study in collage Dar al alom in Cairo University , I have egaza in Hafs

Mostafa Mahmoud Farid

Mostafa Mahmoud Farid My name is Mostafa Mahmoud Farid. I live in Cairo. I am a student at Al-Azhar university, Faculty Of The Languages And Translation, Islamic Studies Department, Third year. I'm also an Imam and Khateeb at endowments (Awqaf) ministry since 2013. I am a Quranic tutor. Alhamdullulah, I have memorized the whole Qur’an

Abdulrahman Said Ali Ahmad

Abdulrahman Said Ali Ahmad The name is Abdulrahman Said Ali Ahmad, my age is twenty three years and my nationality is Egyptian. I live in Shabramant of Giza governorate. All stages of academic education were in The Institution of Al Azhar Alsharif, my academic qualification is the Bachelor degree (License) in English Language and Literature,

Abdolla Elsayd Abdolla

Abdolla Elsayd Abdolla My name is Abdolla Elsayd Abdolla , I’m twenty three years old. This is my senior year . I am a student in AlAzhar university ,faculty of language and translation , English literature department English: i had two courses (Berlitz – Reach Out Academy) Teaching: i have been teaching English for five

Taghreed Tarek


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