ISNA: Eijazah institute has joined hands with ISNA or Islamic Society of North America. Being Partners, they shall now work towards the development of Muslim community along with increasing faith in inert relations and civic engagement. Their actions will bring immense exposure and more people will have better understanding of Quran and Islam.

Al-Azahar University

Al-Azahar University: Eijazah institute is now a proud partner with Egypt’s oldest and prestigious university. Together they look forward to promote Islamic significance and Islamic culture. Al Azahar offers degree for higher education and currently caters to 2 million students. Most often people call Al Azahar University as “Sunni Islam’s university”. Their partnership will allow give immense exposure to students for learning Quran online.

Clarion Project & Mishkah University

Clarion Project & Mishkah University: Mishkah Islamic University of North America takes pride in being the global leader when it comes to authentic knowledge on Islam. The university offers an online platform where students can join the Islamic courses and get rewarded with a certificate. Initially the University was called Sharia Academy of America but later it had a merger with International University of Latin America. Today Eijazah has partnered with Mishkah University to join the quest of providing quality education and give exposure to anyone who is willing to learn Islam.


Theisla: With some of the renowned partnerships, one that finds particular mention is the ISLA or Islamic Schools League of America. They look forward to work hand-in-hand so they can thrive growth and success when it comes to development and growth of Islamic education. They believe in bringing a better quality by engaging students with online exposure and fundamental research. Educators can now provide resources such as book and web knowledge so that people can go through professional learning process. This will eventually bring out leaders and help the culture grow.


AAIMS: Eijazah institute is now a proud partner of AAIMS or Australian Association of Islamic and Muslim Studies. The platform has established a scholar network with the Australian universities. The major agenda of AAIMS and Eijazah to get together is to promote the Islamic education among the Muslims through teaching and research. More people will benefit from this partnership as it has humungous potential to provide exposure to both minority and majority.


MAC: Eijazah institute is a proud partner of MAC or Muslim Association of Canada. MAC is a known leader when it comes to spreading Islamic Education all over Canada. Together, Eijazah and MAC look forward to improve the education and maximize the exposure for interested candidates.