Ijazah Programme

Ijazah Programm As a matter of fact, every religion has its [Holy Book]. Likewise, the Quran is the [Holy Book] of Muslims. Also, Muslims consider the Quran as the gift of God to the [Human being]. As a result, we follow and pursue accordingly. Additionally, the [Holy Quran] has[ 30 chapters], [114 surahs] &[ 5500

Madinah Arabic

Madinah Arabic  ِ     As a matter of fact most of the people in The world speak the Arabic language . Additionally it is the popular languages in the world. Moreover Arabic is the fifth common language in the world. More than 300 million speak Arabic around the world.  Also Arabic is the language of

online quran classes for kids

online quran classes  for kids        As a matter of fact, the Quran is important for Muslim kids to know its importance. Also, various options are available to choose the best coaching center to learn Quran. Muslim likes to have Islamic knowledge to acquire the whole story of [Holy Quran].  Without knowing about

The virtues learn Arabic letters for reading the Quran

The virtues learn Arabic letters for reading the Quran Reflecting on the verses of Allah is a form of learn Arabic letters worship; it is something that will bring the person closer to Allah, Glorified be He. This reflection is not irresponsible and wandering, but includes a study of the classical [Tafsir] (exegesis) of the verses. [Allaah] says in the Quran

online Arabic course

online Arabic course In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, may his [Salah] and his [Salam be upon] his [last Messenger Muhammad]. As a matter of fact the Book of Allah [ the Holy Quran ] is not a book like any other; it is the eternal Word of Allah, not a created thing.  [Online Arabic course

Arabic Classes Online Can Learn You Arabic Effectively

Arabic Classes Online Can Learn You Arabic Effectively Do you know the cause of creating human beings? Or why the Almighty Allah gives you the superpower as a human? If you have no idea about these, then I won’t make you frustrated. Because you have enough time to know that if you start from now.

Easy Quran

Easy Quran : You should  recite or read the easy Quran, the last word of Allah, exalted at all times  tat least twice a year. The news that comes from the Companions tells us that some of them completed it in five days, some in four and others in three. Imam An-Nawawi said: “Speed will depend on

Egyptian Arabic course

Egyptian Arabic course The Egyptian Arabic  Enhance openness to learning new culture: Finally, If you learn Egyptian Arabic, you have to learn something about the people who speak the Arabic language every day.   that helps you to become more appreciative way on studying the course.  You learn about lives and works also in different countries. 

Learn the Arabic Language In English

Learn Arabic Language In English :     Arabic is the most popular languages in the world. More than 200 million people speak the[ Arabic language] around the world. As a result, It becomes the fifth common language. The Muslims are usually reading Quran language and Islam holy book. Morever there are different Arabic dialects available